Ron & Anna Winship founded Parker-Longbow productions in 1996. actors, writers, creative thinkers – their passion for the truth and the often times missing redemption in efforts dispensed by the media at large has hurtled them into a variety of creative projects which tell a story with meaning and concern for others in our society. Robert Leroy Parker and Harry Longbow were in fact the true names of “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid“, and so in 1991, Ron & Anna, the modern day “Butch and Sundance” launched their Parker-Longbow Public Relations and marketing company.

The Parker-Longbow team Cutting Edge to problem solving.

Featured created  productions may include: Political Commentary, One on One Interviews, Dialogue and Panel Discussions, Targeted Product Placement  and Celebrity Product Representation. Parker-Longbow productions brings the human condition with every hope and dream into a clear reality which steps beyond concepts of simple Social Media and New Technology into the sphere of human cosmic consciousness and possibilities!

Our mission statement is simple and clear:  Whatever we do it must be based on the truth and a shared discovery!